Farola y logoThe Spanish company Zytech Solar has entered into a joint venture agreement with the Dutch Nijman BV company in order to manufacture Solar Street Lights in Holland. The new Solar Street Lights,  Solar High-tech LED (Light-Emitting Diode) are intended to be sold into both European and international markets.

The new joint venture, called Holland Solar Solutions, will initially manufacture 15,000 units of Solar Street Lights a year at its plant in Harlem (Amsterdam).

Among the various solar energy related products of Zytech, it was their high-tech lighting system that has the most efficient operational parameters per kilometre of road that brought this business. The early operations are under way to France, Spain and South Africa.

The company Zytech Solar controls the solar energy section as well as the marketing of solar street lights.

This is one of the first joint venture experiences between Spain and Holland in the solar energy field. Nijman is said to be a world leader in the manufacturing of LED lighting components and employs 60 people in Holland.

The consolidated Zytech Group was founded in 2005 and is comprised of eight subsidaries in several countries.

Zytech Solar Group Supplies Solar Power Technology products worldwide.