At the recent INDUSTRIAL DIVERSIFICATION AND TECNOLÓGY conference, experts in the area of renewable energies from the Spanish province of Saragossa, exchanged views on what’s new in renewable technology today.

Participating companies from Aragon were: Zytel, Finpro, Exide Tecnologies, Valeo, Foundation for the development of the new technologies of Hydrogen in Aragon, Technological Institute of Aragon ITA, and Foundation Circe, also Zytech Group.

The event took place in the sedate cultural atmosphere of IberCaja close to the University of Saragossa, organised by the government of Aragon precisely to bring professionals of the sector together.

On the part of Zytech, the vice-president of Zytech Group, Roger Llohis, told the audience of fellow experts of his firm’s strategy of diversification that resulted in a completely new sector, automobiles. Mr Llohis also spoke to some length on the results of the firm’s analysis of the potential of this sectorial diversification in the region of Aragon, besides recounting the methodology used to reach the conclusions of the analyses.

Roger Llohis further spoke about how Zytech Group is rolling out its expansion worldwide, incorporating the highest technologies in the field of renewable energies as it goes. This rollout includes factories and centres of production across three continents, Europe, the USA, and Asia. He reminded listeners that Zytech Solar has already emerged as a recognized manufacturer in solar power components, appliances and systems.

With that history well founded, Zytech Solar has been central to the firm’s ability to bring into play and onto the market of the products and expertise of Zytech Aerodyne, Zytech Rayvin, Zytech HSS, and Zytel, which together form the Zytech Group, an originator and manufacture specializing in high-end environmentally clean technologies for clean power generation.

These products range from photovoltaic panels and systems, aerogenerators, solar lighting systems, to the latest one, a very first locally built electric powered utility vehicle, designed and manufactured in Saragossa, named the “Gorilla”.

This is a ground breaking product that will represent Zytech in the Zero Race – which aims to make zero emission energy solutions accessible to a worldwide audience – the competition of solar powered cars that drive around the world in 80 days, and, that will be on the starter’s block at China’s Shanghai 2010 Expo – May 1 to October 31, 2010.