The photovoltaic module manufacturer broadens its markets.

Zytech Solar has reached an agreement with Energía Solar Solarpunkt for the exclusive distribution of its products in Switzerland and the inclusion of Zytech photovoltaic modules in the projects they promote. The majority of the projects to be developed in the Alpine country are residential photovoltaic installations (projects of up to 20 KW) and more powerful building-integrated systems.

During the first stage, Zytech Solar is also providing a technical advisory service analyzing each project and aiding corporate communication.

Solarpunkt is a company headquartered in Bellach (Switzerland) with a wealth of experience in solar thermal energy engineering, installation and maintenance services. Recently, the Swiss government has taken a decided stand on the inclusion of renewable energy in its electricity mix, and in particular is offering incentives for the establishment of solar photovoltaic energy installations. At this favourable juncture, Solarpunkt intends to develop a multitude of small- and medium-scale photovoltaic installations through personalized attention and an efficient after-sales service. Solarpunkt has begun its activity in photovoltaic installations with the collaboration of Zytech Solar, a photovoltaic module manufacturer with ample experience and a great value for money.